Welcome to the C4YW Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved C4YW blog! This is forum for discussion, exploration and discovery about what the Annual Conference for Young Women has meant to you during your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. At C4YW, we like to emphasize the camaraderie and connection that attendees experience while also receiving the most up-to-date health and wellness information.

Here on the blog, we’d like to hear from YOU! Firsthand stories that come from the heart are what C4YW is all about. Also, we’ll be featuring entries from our 2013 presenter line up, so that women interested in attending can get a sneak-peek at the plethora of information available at this 3-day event.

While we line up the new entries to begin filling this space, please enjoy reading some of the C4YW-inspired entries that made their way on to the LBBC Blog.

Happy Blogging,

Rachel, your faithful “Blog Steward.”